Adding Google to a post or A BlogDumps Video

I know I haven’t been by much on the blog bit I thought what the heck I will write this morning, do a little testing, I had a request in a support ticket…I love the new Support Ticket system! I was asked by one of the bloggers could not add Google adsence or amazon codes […]

Yes, I am still Alive

I haven’t written here lately, I have been working on the finalization of the blogdumps video new look…What a chore. It fits the BlogDumps look better. If you haven’t seen the new Wrongblog stop by, I love the new theme it fits the site well. While you’re there we have had a new writer and […]

Spam Stopper Plugin Installed.

Well, I tried to get akismet for BD Bloggers but they want cash, I wrote them and told them I offer blog hosting free. I haven’t heard back from them. And if your like me I don’t like to wait around. I have done some searching for a spam arrester so we don’t have to […]

Akismit Spam Will Be Installed

I am going to install Akismit spam to the site…I am already getting some spam comments. Akismit is a nice plugin but they want me to pay monthly for a multiple user site, go figure. So anyway, I will get this done sometime this week, I am going to take a small break from the […]

The New Front Page

I hope you all like the new front page… We worked on it for what seemed like forever. Creating a dynamic Page for a multiple user site proved to be difficult. The hardest part was getting the feeds for the blogs on the BlogDumps Bloggers site to display. We hacked the plugin to death all […]

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