Adding Google to a post or A BlogDumps Video

I know I haven’t been by much on the blog bit I thought what the heck I will write this morning, do a little testing,

I had a request in a support ticket…I love the new Support Ticket system!

I was asked by one of the bloggers could not add Google adsence or amazon codes to their post and when I tried it didn’t work… Huh?

So then I tried a BlogDumps Video, I just randomly picked one and got the embed code.

I tried it and found I needed to do a little scripting work so I asked Trina and of course she is so smart she fixed this issue in minutes!

Gosh, I can’t wait to get off the short bus…LOL

So here is the big test…..

I just added this video and Google code by plopping the code right into the post

This is the Google test ad feel free to try it

I was able to change the width and Height of the video in the embed code to fit my blogging area.


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